Promoters & Ambassadors

If you have managed to find yourself on this page I am assuming you are interested in seeing what opportunities are available at BandeauBabes.

Currently, I am not looking for any more promoters/ambassadors/collaborations/influencers as I have recently held a promoter search over on the Instagram and found the perfect team for now. BandeauBabes is always looking for new creators, but more than likely I will contact you if I think you suit the BandeauBabes brand. I have created a short Do's & Don't's that may help you out. If you would like further explanation on anything don't hesitate to drop a message, note this is to help please don't take offence.


- Follow BandeauBabes on instagram (essential)
- Support BB whether its through likes, shares, comments or purchases
- Have a genuine interest in working with BandeauBabes & myself
- If you end up being successful please follow through! Take the picture!!
- If you feel the need to drop us a message, make it personal!
- Spread the love about BandeauBabes, have you followed our TikTok?


- Copy and paste generic 'influencer' email. If you do have a standard template make sure to change the name of  the brand each time, and add a little personality to show you have at least checked what we sell, as simple as 'Loving the new DragonSlayer collection' 
- Lie. Theres no need? The number of messages received that say you've ordered BandeauBabes before or you've been following for ages... I am a small enough brand that I still check my follower count and I create all orders by hand so I know who has/hasn't ordered in the past
- Ignore us if we have accepted you as a promoter or collaboration! There are a small group of people that sadly ruin the positivity of working together on content, I have sent items to influencers before just to be ignored or blocked which isn't fair on small brands.

Remember that behind the brand there is usually just one or two people. This goes for most independent brands not just BandeauBabes and brands do communicate with each other, positive or negative. Hope you have learnt something from reading this!